JPM is the name of a package manager I have been writing and removing and rewriting and removing and writing since 2005. At first it was just a collection of bash scripts, then it was a collection of Python scripts, then extensions to pkgutils that was taken from Crux Linux then it was replaced with RPM and then Conary and then RPM and then Conary and then RPM and then I started writing it again as a collection of Python scripts. Recently I started working on it again and now it’s in such a state that it can build, install and remove packages. I created a Subversion repository alongside a Trac-site for it as I wanted to get to know how svn is used.

The project is sometimes available at my own little server. ‘Sometimes’ because the computer is also my gaming machine and is not serving any webpages (currently) from the gaming environment (Windows XP). Or is turned off… I need sleep, this machine doesn’t have very quiet fans… >:-(

Currently JPM:

  1. Builds packages
  2. Installs packages it built
  3. Removes packages it installed
  4. Potentially removes something else too
  5. Is a bit broken


  • We might see an actual release as version 0.1
  • more things with dependencies! Generate them automatically!
  • be the package manager used in a small distro named Prospekt Linux

Edit 12.07.2009: I’d like to know where I saved this project…


One Response to “JPM – Joni’s Package Manager”

  1. GODJonez Says:

    I love what it does, especially parts 4 and 5.

    Good luck on getting it to do everything current major package managers can do.

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