Don’t get your hopes up. This isn’t going to be a tutorial how to create an operating system nor even a kernel. I just thought to list some links I found even remotely useful. I intend to add more links as I encounter them.


Other sites:

OSDev wiki contains few how-to-get-started-tutorials for those who don’t know how to start.

Friendly notes:

  • Don’t write your own operating system if you’re unhappy with Windows or Linux. It will take a very long time for your own to get in usable state and even longer to get something like OpenOffice.
  • Operating system development is hard. It would be mean to say that your OS/kernel will never run Unix, Windows, DOS, OS/2 and Mac software/games, but that’s how it most likely will be.
  • You will need determination, lots of it.
  • If you don’t know C, don’t try this until your C skills are far way beyond “Hello world”-phase. You will encounter assembly too…
  • Bootloader? You don’t need to create one if you can settle with already existing choices such as GRUB.
  • C library? You cannot use the one in your host system and unless you port some C-library, you have to write one yourself. They say Newlib is portable…

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