The most important thing first: I’m a very silent & shy 20 years old Finn and my main language is Finnish, not English.

I make mistakes/{otherwise stupid decisions} all the time, which annoys me very, very much. Just a few examples: I studied German only for one year and have forgotten almost everything about it, I didn’t read that much for the Marticulation Examination and that’s why they went so badly and I complain on trivial matters but regardless of Examinations I made my way into the University of Joensuu.

I also tried to create a new Linux distribution, but enthusiasm kind of died when I tried to program an Installer for it with Python and Qt-bindings. The installer was neither easy to use nor complete (It might be easier just to read Linux From Scratch and build with its intructions.

(Later edit:)

The distribution was named Prospekt Linux, after the old prison complex in Nova Prospekt, City 17, Half-Life 2. I do work occasionally with it, so I haven’t abandoned it…


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