Doin’ some fixin’

Friday 17. October, 2008

It was a sunny day in the spring 2008. Me and my friend were at the university’s IT repair  “scrap-yard shelves” as one might call them. There was an old Compaq Armada 1130 on the shelf…

It didn’t have any hard disk in it, it had been taken away as well as all the screws that hold the case in one piece. Its battery was lost together with the back panel covering the memory expansion slots. Something came over me and I told my friend to take the computer with him as I thought he might have some tools to test the computer if it would boot. Well… he didn’t… and my little computer project stalled for too long time.

This week I went to the same place and saw some power supply that gave out 24 V and 1500 mA. I instantly thought of the once-glorious-laptop and guess what! The system booted with it!

Unfortunately the power connectors were not compatible, so some “haxing” was needed. I “gently” took off the original connector on the laptop’s motherboard and soldered power line from the supply directly on the motherboard.

The computer’s bios didn’t seem to like the fact that its cmos-battery was empty and hdd missing. It takes several minutes to get pass the initial detection. Kinda weird.

After some trying and inappropriate touches on the internals of that computer I successfully had FreeDOS and memtest+ running on it. No memory faults!

My friend wrote about my project in his blog and took even some pictures: The first set and the second set.

Next in line:

  1. Steal the HDD from his laptop
  2. Get one ATX power supply
  3. Connect the supply to iMac G3 logic board (that was in the iMac I bought the next day after the take-away laptop, details in some other blog entry in the distant future)
  4. Get one VGA/Dsub connector
  5. Solder the connector on the iMac G3 logic board
  6. See where the smoke comes out

One Response to “Doin’ some fixin’”

  1. GODJonez Says:

    You are not stealing my HDD!

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