Go get some Wine 1.0

Thursday 19. June, 2008

Wine 1.0. It’s out, now be a nice little nerd and go get it and no one gets hurt.

You might want to get the Firefox 3.0 while you’re at it…

Maybe even run Firefox 3.0 in Wine 😮

In case someone doesn’t know where to get those: Wine and Firefox


Slacking once again

Monday 16. June, 2008

No, nothing to do with Slackware this time. For some reason I just don’t want to do anything. Just few days ago I entered my Prospekt Linux chroot environment and spent there less than 2 minutes and began to feel angry so then I just left to Firefox and StumbleUpon. Still haven’t stumbled upon on something I really want (secretly)… I guess I can’t get one from teh internet, which is scary 🙂

I did try to take look on the JPM sources again and then thought that I should have done it with Java as it has a friendly compiler telling me I’m doing something wrong with the data (structures), I guess sometimes dynamic data typing isn’t fun… or I’m doing something terribly wrong (quite likely, actually)…

On the other hand, you have different fingers. As school is out and has been for weeks actually and nothing better to do, I have been hanging around in our city’s market place or nearby my apartment with a friend. It’s almost weird, we just stand there for couple of hours talking about various stuff but mostly about computers. Weird or not, I has been really fun and different. It’s really nice to be outside for a change and “it is time better spent” than normally just sitting in front of a monitor.

We’ve been playing Synergy too and we are on the second round on the big map pack and desperately waiting for the Orange Box version so we could co-op through HL2 Episode Two.