Shopping for a new stuff

Monday 12. May, 2008

Today I kinda went shopping with my friend. I just got some urge to get a microphone for my computer so I could make weird voices and comments too while playing Synergy. There were few microphone models but I couldn’t decide so I went to look some keyboards and ended up buying a one too (Logitech Cordless Desktop EX110, comes with a mouse too) and then went back to the microphones and took one manufactored too by Logitech.

The keyboard seems to be better than the old one (Microsoft ComfortCurve 2000, which wasn’t that comfortable to me). The weird thing is that this Logitech-keyboard doesn’t have Scroll Lock-key and the Insert/Home/Pg U -keyset is a 3×2-keys not the ordinary 2×3-keys matrix, also they have moved the insert-key away from this set and put it in place of Scroll lock.

The microphone was a bit of disappointment but thats probably some driver problem. Currently I have to yell at the microphone to get Windows Sound Recorder to catch anything and the same goes to everything else too. If I turn on the mic boost, there’s a lot of background noise but I can record with my normal speaking voice, but the noise is unacceptable! Is this due to Asus P5N-E SLI motherboard and its drivers? I bet it would work in Linux >:-) This current situation means no funny voices on Synergy. God damn! Has anyone else had this same problem?