Hello? Are you still standing there?

Sunday 25. November, 2007


Who can guess where that line is taken from? Here’s a hint: It’s a computer game and it’s name starts with P.

Apparently I have got a new obsession related to that game. I hope it’s nothing serious, though. I still want a big blue tower.

On the other news, it seems there’s something wrong somewhere as my laptop’s hard drive seem to be under massive use in both Fedora and Ubuntu. I have no idea what’s going on there, the system just uses hard drive. I suppose it’s somehow related to swapping, but it didn’t do that in previous versions of Ubuntu. Also, when ever it’s updating/installing/removing packages (aka using the hd) the whole system goes nearly unusable state. It’s not nice at all.  I already downloaded a Vector Linux installation cd image as they say it’s a lightweight distribution, but if the problem lies some where in the hardware changing distro won’t help.

I don’t remember having this sort of problem in my personally built Prospekt Linux. In case I get tired of Vector too Prospekt is the next installation. Hmm… I should write some sort of installation program for it…

I had to do a practice work (in Java) to the programming course I mentioned in an earlier post. So far I have a working implementation of “program that calculates the age of a person in months and years. Current date is taken from the system.” I still have to do some testing, write API documentation using Javadoc and a small report containing the testing material, short instructions and stuff. (How much instructions users need for a program that asks their birthday?)

Last Friday the teacher did a small review on the current state of our projects. He told my program was great (I’m not really sure how to translate the adjective he used) and needed only testing. I was quite sure that wrong input format wouldn’t crash it, but he still managed to do it. Apparently I never tested what would happen if there’s some extra spaces before the actual birthday. It was quite easy to fix, though, and I’m somewhat proud of it. Now it “cleans” all extra space from the input string by utilizing Java’s StringTokenizer-class.

Yet another news: I’m sick. My throat hurts and I’ve got fever. Usually I’ve been sick around December 6th, but it came early this year, it seems. A quick check to my calendar shows that the 6th day is Thursday and we’ll have final test in Calculus III on Friday, so I guess my immune-system predicted the test and decided I must get sick this weekend instead so I can attend to the test. It also knew that getting sick next weekend would have compromised the final test in Fotonics or my possible moving to Joensuu.