New Prospekts

Monday 20. August, 2007

Since it has been very boring, I have been rebuilding my little Prospekt Linux -project. This time I have followed Linux From Scratch book quite closely, except for gcc+glibc+binutils combination. I know these are critical packages but some distros are going on glibc 2.6.1, gcc 4.2.1 and binutils and so am I.

Currently the desktop of choice is GNOME 2.18.3? as I haven’t yet built KDE. I was thinking that I would build KDE4 when it’s released and not KDE3. I know that would radically limit the KDE software available, but that would be less compiling for me 🙂 .

As for package management, I have returned to RPM for some reason. I just like it (and Conary didn’t let me forget my mistakes of various sizes, I know, I shouldn’t have commited those recipes in the first place).

I did try to use rPath Linux Development as my base, but as their installation dvd was badly outdated, Conary proposed over 900 updates and actually removed some troves due to missing dependencies in their repository. I spent several hours updating until I got fed up and did rm -rf / (of course everything important were unmounted at the time of destruction).

I have thought of using my own package manager, but it isn’t very reliable (like I would trust on something I have written myself…) and has bugs and lots of non-implemented features.