A small advertisement for GetDeb.Net

Tuesday 17. July, 2007

GetDeb.Net is a “Ubuntu Software Portal” containing some software packages for Ubuntu (and, why not, derivates). Software collection contains at the time of writing a bit over 200 packages for Ubuntu Feisty (32-bit).

If you cannot find the package you’re searching for in (massive) Ubuntu repositories, try GetDeb.Net. You’re not losing anything.

Most importantly, the package collection contains Pidgin at least for Ubuntu Feisty. Yay 🙂


New hardware

Tuesday 3. July, 2007

[93222.336000] dvb-usb: found a ‘Artec T14 – USB2.0 DVB-T’ in cold state, will try to load a firmware
[93222.928000] dvb-usb: downloading firmware from file ‘dvb-usb-dibusb-’

As you can see from the log-snippet above, the new device is Artec’ terrestrial digital television receiver, which for my suprise, actually works in Linux-environment. Actually it works so good, I haven’t yet tried how it works in Windows XP (not that I wish to use it).

The device is hot stuff, literally. It almost burns if touched, though one doesn’t want to touch it anyway, as touching it corrupts the video stream one is watching.

As for receiving transmissons, I had to use the house’s outdoors antenna, as the small one that came with the device didn’t get any signal. I hope this would change when I move out some day as I don’t know whether or not my future home will have option for terrestrial receiving. You really cannot receive digital-cable-tv-signal with this stick or not to even mention satellite signal…

Kubuntu’s Kaffeine-player didn’t have any problems with the receiver and after setting it up, it just worked. As for Kaffeine itself I don’t know if I should blame the translation team responsible for the Finnish translation of the program or the original author, but some translations in the program interface are a bit weird (for example, in the Channels menu, there’s a list of “Äänikanavat” (Sound Channels), which lists all digital radio and tv channels, so I think the caption of the list is at least partly incorrect.

Edit 26.7.2007:

I might have been a bit hasty saying it works correctly. I recorded the Japanese Godzilla movie recently and it really was fun to note that subtitles data was missing. Now I have to take Japanese lessons at the University.