Monday 18. June, 2007

I might have some obsessions:

  1. Every time there’s any car/motorcycle/whatever activity outside, I nearly always run at window to see what’s going on
  2. I keep clicking Pidgin‘s tray icon even if I meant to click on Amarok‘s
  3. I check emails many times per day even though I get emails something like twice per month. On the other hand, subscribing to mailing list through newsgroups brings a few hundred new articles per day but I don’t even read the majority of those messages.
  4. I keep proving to myself depending on day that god or gods do exist or don’t exist, and think how I can take advantage of it.
  5. The Big Blue Tower that (sadly) exploded in Half-Life 2 universe. I want one. I wouldn’t have to pay for electricity, could go to places beyond my imagination, rule the Earth and suppress the reproduction cycle just because I could…
  6. I shower nearly everyday to keep myself clean, clean, cleeaan…
  7. I work on Prospekt Linux every now and then and still get nothing done
  8. I keep thinking of someone. It’s annoying. I deny such feelings
  9. I think I have written a similar post already.

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