After midnight, part 2: D

Monday 18. June, 2007

This post contains nothing perverted either.

The project of taking a look at different languages has progressed to D. The must-have Hello world example (hello.d):

import std.stdio;

void main(char[][] Args) {

writefln("Hello World");


Naturally compiling it needs a D compiler (one available at Digital Mars or one another as GDC-frontend for GNU Compiler Colletion).

As a difference to C, D contains built-in support for strings through variable types char[] and char[][], of which the latter is an array of strings and even char[][char[]] for variables like foo[“bar”] = “goo”.

Word of warning: The D language is very, very new and it’s specifications may change making older compilers and code more or less useless. For example, many of the projects I tried to use offered in didn’t compile correctly or had some other problems making them useless. (All I wanted was SQLite bindings for D but errors in compilation or compilation system made me a bit frustrated)


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