Stupid Functions

Tuesday 22. May, 2007

Ever written a pile of functions? From what I have looked at the source of JPM, it really look like that nearly all data quering “special” functions could be replace by one function that would take an sql-query as a parameter, which in turn would render my “modulejpm” Python module useless empty file. I kinda knew it all the time, even while writing them last year.

Now I have to fix bugs, implement missing features and clean up the current code. I could almost start over with it (or abandon it completely in favor of already existing package managers).

Currently package building is done with a Bash-script, which works quite well, but I was thinking that maybe it should be redone in Python as all other tools are written in Python… Mixing (scripting) languages doesn’t feel right. What if I end up with some tools written in Python, some in Perl and some in Java(!) or something… awful…

On the other news: I read some C tutorial in Wikibooks and it seems that handling strings in C isn’t very nice. On the other hand compiled code would be a bit more efficient (supposing that code isn’t bad) compared to scripts.

I also had an idea: What if I implemented a Xfire-protocol plugin for Kopete. The idea was nice too, but it doesn’t take account issues like the one that I don’t know how Xfire works but a short discussion with godjonez revealed that there is a free library implementing some features of xfire protocol, but the library sucks and is hard to use. Originally I though of looking at how the Pidgin plugin “gfire” does it, but the other issue not taken account prevents everything: I don’t know C nor C++.

So I ended up voting a feature wish on that might include the possibility of Xfire Kopete plugin. But for now I just have to go with Pidgin. Not that I’m complaining, it just would be nice to use Kopete while I’m working in KDE-environment and Pidgin in Gnome. (The principle of running KDE-only programs while in KDE and Gnome/GTK-programs while in Gnome)


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