Spammers out there

Tuesday 22. May, 2007

Just check the status of blocked spam messages on the control panel and it raised some comments, more or less serious, in my head, which in turn made me think that this would make an excellent post.

Thanks to very low activity around this blog I have only received 305 automatically blocked spam messages.

I know spammers most likely are bots, but for those who aren’t:

  1. I have no need for Viagra: I’m young enough to stand on my on and I’m not looking for hearth problems it might cause as a side-effect.
  2. I don’t need links to cosmetic products for my girlfriend: I don’t have one and even though I’m not very handsome myself I have never used cosmetic products and probably never will.
  3. Don’t say “keep up the good work” and link to sexual performance enhancing drugs: see the first one, and my blog really is not good work that should be kept up
  4. Porn links: Every western teenager and bit older loves to watch porn, but please put working links. Even though I’m not especially into “interracial gay porn” I might watch it when extremely bored. Save {t,g}ranny porn to some other blog…

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