Friday 4. May, 2007

There’s got to be something wrong in me: I haven’t had interest develop my little projects such as JBTracker and Prospekt Linux any further. I surely hope these “lazyness” feelings go away soon as I have some ideas to implement in both projects:

  1. JBTracker: Revise comment system
  2. JBTracker: Implement file attachment support
  3. Prospekt Linux: Infest the package repository with own packages rather than fetching them from other repositories
  4. Prospekt Linux: Finalize init-ng-system for repository commit (shouldn’t be very hard… I already changed some of the bundled init files so that it can boot)
  5. JPM: What is going on there? Last time I changed anything in it was probably in September(?)

Warning: The text below this gets quite personal
Maybe I’m a bit depressed because we don’t have school anymore in this spring… I usually see my friend only at school… No, Instant Messaging is not the same as I cannot see their horrified faces when I tell stories that frighten even me.

I must be depressed! Yesterday I couldn’t get any excitement from playing Half-Life 2, it felt more like obligation than having fun… And as I today played Half-Life 2 Episode One, I felt somewhat bored. And when I went back to Linux, I started Opera and I constantly found myself just staring at the “Speed Dial”-tab and thinking that I should go some site or close the browser and do something else.

Then I have had thoughs of not wanting to be a lonely single. I kind of hate them, as I have always considered myself as /wanted to be a completely independent, strong person who doesn’t need sosial interaction, like senseless bastard. But no! Currently I want to have a “special, really really close” friend. But it is very unlikely that one would just wander into my room and ask “Wanna go out sometime?”. (On related note, my mother says I should go out sometimes and not just sit in my room in front of a computer screen)

Should I subscribe to a online dating service or is it just pathetic?


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