Spammers out there

Tuesday 22. May, 2007

Just check the status of blocked spam messages on the control panel and it raised some comments, more or less serious, in my head, which in turn made me think that this would make an excellent post.

Thanks to very low activity around this blog I have only received 305 automatically blocked spam messages.

I know spammers most likely are bots, but for those who aren’t:

  1. I have no need for Viagra: I’m young enough to stand on my on and I’m not looking for hearth problems it might cause as a side-effect.
  2. I don’t need links to cosmetic products for my girlfriend: I don’t have one and even though I’m not very handsome myself I have never used cosmetic products and probably never will.
  3. Don’t say “keep up the good work” and link to sexual performance enhancing drugs: see the first one, and my blog really is not good work that should be kept up
  4. Porn links: Every western teenager and bit older loves to watch porn, but please put working links. Even though I’m not especially into “interracial gay porn” I might watch it when extremely bored. Save {t,g}ranny porn to some other blog…

(You don’t have to read this)

This weekend I ended up removing “the” Windows installation from my laptop to free up some space from hard disk for other purposes. Firstly I downloaded GParted live iso so I could tinker with the partition tables of the hd. Before I had a 40 GB partition for Windows and the rest of the 80GB disk partitioned for Ubuntu, Prospekt Linux and home partition, now I have a 12 GB primary partition at the beginning of the disk and after it a new 38 GB home partition. I also changed the place of my swap partition which required moving my Ubuntu by 1 GB. Everything seemed to be okay after reboot and then I downloaded the installation DVD for openSuse 10.3 Alpha 4 just to see what’s it like.

(Later I noticed that cfdisk refuses to start due to fatal error in disk, says something about enlarged(?) partitions, so I guess gparted is not all-safe. fdisk complained about partition cylinder boundaries on the last partition and after removing it no complaints from fdisk)

The dvd was only(?) available as a bittorrent download, which made me wonder which client is the best for downloading. Opera didn’t seem to archieve very high download speeds which probably was due to NAT-network that I’m in, I did change the only bittorrent settings Opera offers (selecting port for incoming connections) but it didn’t seem to help at all. Next I installed Azuerus from Ubuntu’s repositories, but it seemed to be even worse.

Azuerus said that configuration was ok, but the download speeds variated between zero and ~100 kB/s and after some time I got frustrated as the client was also slow (didn’t suprise me though, I have always had prejudices concerning Java software) and yet again changed the client. Next in line was KTorrent, which is quite simple bittorrent client for KDE. It actually worked quite well, it didn’t take very long until download speed was around 400kB/s and it could keep it at that level ’til the end of the download. So the best BitTorrent client I have ever had is KTorrent (it kept high speeds on both downloads, of which I write something somewhere below).

The installation of openSuse went smoothly and didn’t have any problems, except that internet update wasn’t offered but that’s mentioned in most hated bugs so it wasn’t a problem. I did have problems with configuration of X, though. For some reason it had problems with corepointer (usb-mouse) device and it just refused to start. I commented out references to the mouse and X started. Then it hit me. My weird objection of tweaking desktop environments… I have always hated the cursor theme in openSuse (cursor should be either white(ish) or the black ugly block). Now I feel awfully superficial, but I didn’t quite like the new K-menu either. I played around the desktop for some time and started to wonder how Arch Linux is like these days…

I rebooted to Ubuntu and downloaded (with KTorrent 🙂 ) the latest ArchLinux iso. I didn’t bother to create or format a new partition for it, so I just sent openSuse to binary heaven. We may meet again in the future.

ArchLinux has a nice very non-automated installation program, I must say. It’s not just clicking next as in other distros (especially the ones using Anaconda), it’s complete opposite for Ubuntu’s installer. Sure Arch Linux requires work to get it set up but it requires it a lot less than LFS :-). It was very interesting to note that Pacman seems to have gotten a lot faster or I have been using Ubuntu for too long (apt/dpkg seems quite slow). My Arch base was installed in no time (excluding time used to edit configuration files) and I was happy to see that Pacman was still fast after the first boot. After installing KDE and creating a personal account, I started a KDE-session. I was a bit confused as the desktop look somehow different from Ubuntu’s (I use KDE in Ubuntu too). Of course themes were different too (missing). The taskbar looked too big even when its size was set to Small. I don’t know, it was just weird. After setting up mostly used software (pidgin (and gfire), thunderbird, opera and so on…) I just reboot to Ubuntu.

God dammit, Ubuntu! It has had an effect on me…

I wonder what’s Mandriva like these days…

Stupid Functions

Tuesday 22. May, 2007

Ever written a pile of functions? From what I have looked at the source of JPM, it really look like that nearly all data quering “special” functions could be replace by one function that would take an sql-query as a parameter, which in turn would render my “modulejpm” Python module useless empty file. I kinda knew it all the time, even while writing them last year.

Now I have to fix bugs, implement missing features and clean up the current code. I could almost start over with it (or abandon it completely in favor of already existing package managers).

Currently package building is done with a Bash-script, which works quite well, but I was thinking that maybe it should be redone in Python as all other tools are written in Python… Mixing (scripting) languages doesn’t feel right. What if I end up with some tools written in Python, some in Perl and some in Java(!) or something… awful…

On the other news: I read some C tutorial in Wikibooks and it seems that handling strings in C isn’t very nice. On the other hand compiled code would be a bit more efficient (supposing that code isn’t bad) compared to scripts.

I also had an idea: What if I implemented a Xfire-protocol plugin for Kopete. The idea was nice too, but it doesn’t take account issues like the one that I don’t know how Xfire works but a short discussion with godjonez revealed that there is a free library implementing some features of xfire protocol, but the library sucks and is hard to use. Originally I though of looking at how the Pidgin plugin “gfire” does it, but the other issue not taken account prevents everything: I don’t know C nor C++.

So I ended up voting a feature wish on that might include the possibility of Xfire Kopete plugin. But for now I just have to go with Pidgin. Not that I’m complaining, it just would be nice to use Kopete while I’m working in KDE-environment and Pidgin in Gnome. (The principle of running KDE-only programs while in KDE and Gnome/GTK-programs while in Gnome)


Friday 4. May, 2007

There’s got to be something wrong in me: I haven’t had interest develop my little projects such as JBTracker and Prospekt Linux any further. I surely hope these “lazyness” feelings go away soon as I have some ideas to implement in both projects:

  1. JBTracker: Revise comment system
  2. JBTracker: Implement file attachment support
  3. Prospekt Linux: Infest the package repository with own packages rather than fetching them from other repositories
  4. Prospekt Linux: Finalize init-ng-system for repository commit (shouldn’t be very hard… I already changed some of the bundled init files so that it can boot)
  5. JPM: What is going on there? Last time I changed anything in it was probably in September(?)

Warning: The text below this gets quite personal
Maybe I’m a bit depressed because we don’t have school anymore in this spring… I usually see my friend only at school… No, Instant Messaging is not the same as I cannot see their horrified faces when I tell stories that frighten even me.

I must be depressed! Yesterday I couldn’t get any excitement from playing Half-Life 2, it felt more like obligation than having fun… And as I today played Half-Life 2 Episode One, I felt somewhat bored. And when I went back to Linux, I started Opera and I constantly found myself just staring at the “Speed Dial”-tab and thinking that I should go some site or close the browser and do something else.

Then I have had thoughs of not wanting to be a lonely single. I kind of hate them, as I have always considered myself as /wanted to be a completely independent, strong person who doesn’t need sosial interaction, like senseless bastard. But no! Currently I want to have a “special, really really close” friend. But it is very unlikely that one would just wander into my room and ask “Wanna go out sometime?”. (On related note, my mother says I should go out sometimes and not just sit in my room in front of a computer screen)

Should I subscribe to a online dating service or is it just pathetic?