A new small project: JBTracker

Sunday 22. April, 2007

I have been working on a little project for last few days: JBTracker.

At first I thought that I might need a bug tracker for Prospekt Linux, but then I couldn’t find any that wouldn’t require actual database like MySQL or PostgreSQL (my home page space provider hasn’t included any database facilities for users…). So I decided to create one using txtSQL as a database engine.

Currently JBTracker users can add/edit/delete bug reports and “status tags” depending on their ‘accesslevels’. I even made ‘anonymous’ as a special user who doesn’t even need a row in ‘users’-table in the DB but is (dis/en)abled in configuration file.

JBTracker will most likely be a GPL licensed piece of software, but actual code, however, won’t be generally available until I have worked on it enough. Currently the quality and the functionality would give OpenSource bad name.

Or it won’t be available anywhere, as I might get bored on this project and nearly abandon it (just look at what happened to JPM – Joni’s Package Manager, I haven’t touched the buggy code for months…)

(Does anyone know similar projects? Bug trackers not using “real” databases?)


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