Long Time, No Blog

Monday 16. April, 2007

What has happened so far/will happen/random thoughs? aka “Nine Step Complaining”

  1. This weekend I turned 20 even though in my mind I’m at least six years younger. Is there anything better than being a depressed teenager?
  2. I spent the Easter holiday playing Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2 Episode 1. I think I need some other hobbies that would draw my interest away from HL2 universe
  3. Prospekt Linux is now a project in rPath’s rBuilder Online -service. Basically it’s just rPath Linux with zero modification so far… (I installed rPath Linux 2 Alpha 3 as my working base, as version 1 seemed to contain very outdated software such as glibc-2.3.6, gcc-3.something, KDE 3.4.x and Gnome 2.12)
  4. I have to do some “discussion leading” in English class tomorrow basing on an oral presentation that I should write this evening/night on subject that is somehow related to my present studies or future work. As a physicist I thought that nuclear fusion power plant might be a nice topic, but that might be a little hard to discuss with some psychology or law students who probably don’t even know what fusion is… Hopefully everyone on those classes has the same problem. I did consider making a presentation about teleportation and other technology in HL2, what I would say and maybe printing some pictures too, but then I “realized” that it would be just plain stupid and somewhat obsessed.
  5. Not to mention the big blue tower (Citadel) obsession that I “got” last summer…
  6. rPath has a nice wiki concerning rBuilder Online and Conary itself. Is there documentation how the fundamental parts of rPath Linux are implemented, like init system, network configuration and so on?
  7. rBuilder Online is too easy to use. Clicking in the web to create a “software appliance” or a derivative distribution is so wrong against those who has built their system with instructions of Linux From Scratch e-books(?). Clicking doesn’t really teach you how your system works, but I guess that is not the point in such service. I’m interested to see where it leads to…
  8. What about the package repositories rPath provides/hosts! Oh, man! I feel like I was in a candy shop stealing candy…
  9. I don’t know anymore how to transform rPath Linux to make Prospekt Linux. What, I need a logo/themes too? If I replace current init system with Init-ng, it would certainly be a bit different, or use the same init scripts that I posted about earlier, the ones I stole from ArchLinux… (It seems that I have an obsession(s) on init systems too, but on the other hand, they are quite essential part)

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