Init Ahoy!

Monday 26. February, 2007

The Init Scripts and System of Prospekt Linux are getting some shape. As Prospekt Linux aims to copy from other distributions, init script system was “derived” from Arch Linux.

Now /etc has following files:

  • rc.conf
    • Configuration file for runlevels 2-5. Lists all daemons/services to be started when entering one of the levels 2-5.
  • rc.sysinit
    • The first init script that is run. It prepares the system for some actual runlevel
  • rc.multi
    • Acts as a starter script for runlevels 2-5, which are combined into one. It starts scripts in /etc/rc.d defined in rc.conf
  • rc.shutdown
    • Script for runlevels 0 and 6. As it’s obvious, this script will shutdown or reboot the system.
  • rc.single
    • Script for runlevel 1, when there’s one other users or services running.
  • rc.d/*
    • A directory containing all init scripts for daemons/services, that are not critical for booting (those scripts should be integrated into rc.sysinit)

The actual init scripts derived mainly from (Beyond) Linux From Scratch and Arch Linux are almost working as expected.


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