New Year, New Difficulties

Wednesday 10. January, 2007

Once again a year has passed by, and what did I do. Nothing, nothing to show. In March 2006 I started working on “Prospekt Linux”, a never finalized project of creating a Linux distribution version basing on Linux From Scratch -books.

At the same time I created a bunch of Bash scripts (later to become J Package Manager) that later got translated into Python (with exception of buildpkg-script, which is still a Bash-script).

Originally Prospekt Linux was meant to use JPM as it’s package manager, but due to frustration a switch was made  to RPM Package Manager (I did try Conary, but it sucked). Maybe we can see the release of Prospekt Linux 0.1 this year?

The School started also. It’s so different in the University, it’s the second week and still no lectures (This may have something to do with my choices…).

I also started using XFire while in Windows (It was because of pure curiosity (and the obsessive need to register into all kinds of services))


One Response to “New Year, New Difficulties”

  1. Just out of curiousity, what issues did you have with conary?

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