Understanding is difficult

Tuesday 26. September, 2006

Have you had to learn something you cannot understand yet the thing is simple/clean/logical?

I have been in these lectures on mathematical analysis. Basically you have to prove every little axiom and clause you come across and then try to use them. I had no idea that it would be this hard. Everything is simple and clean and logical but why can’t I understand it? Am I stupid? The lecturer said that it doesn’t matter if you don’t get everything but it sure helps. I want to understand it and be able to use it when ever I need it!

I feel like not going to have mathematics as one of my other secondary subjects.

Mechanics, on the other hand, seems to be going quite well. Even though I don’t generally like handling vectors, place/velocity/acceleration vectors look very nice and make me feel like a genius.


The Most Awful Moment in Real Life (so far)!

Thursday 14. September, 2006

Thursday, waiting for bus at local bus station. A young guy comes up to me and asks for some money. I said that I had none, but some how it occurred into his mind that because I’m on bus station I have to have some money with me. Apparently he had never heard of “bus cards” that are meant to replace cash handling. After some time he gives up and goes away, I feel reliefed, but no! He came back with a rather big stone in his hand and yells that give that f-cking money or this will hit your head. I some how escaped into the travel agency (?) building, but the stone came after me hitting the floor and the guy ran away.

I was shocked! My image of my home town as a safe place shattered into very little pieces. I was happy, though, that nothing worse happened. I only lost my trust.