Pleasant Suprises and a moment of frustration!

Monday 28. August, 2006

Firstly, now I know that a real person has read at least one part of my blog and even commented it!

Secondly, I got my Half-Life 2 issue/problem/headache (select the one you like) solved! The person who commented on “Disappointments”, Matt, gave few parameters for HL2 that made it just work. The parameters/cvars are -window +mat_forcehardwaresync 0. I didn’t like the idea of running it in window, so I just had to try to run it in fullscreen mode and guess what. It did work… The next step is to try to find a decent resolution and other graphics settings. (800×600 just doesn’t look good). Thanks Matt!
On other topics: Today was my first day at the university. We played (two) games and got to know each other in our physics group. Tomorrow we are going to make our time tables… Exciting!

Due to fact that I (still) live with my family in Outokumpu (translation: Weird Hill) I have to take bus to Joensuu, where the university is. Coming to Joensuu was no problem, but getting back to home was a bit frustrating as I didn’t have any idea where the bus stops were. I went to the downtown and there were at least seven bus stops side by side with no clear indication that my bus would stop there. I waited and waited. The time was something like 14:45 and one bus heading to my way would leave platform 1 at 15:15. There was no platform one in sight, but I didn’t bother to find it since the seven platforms started from 68. There’s no way I could have found the one in 30 minutes. The next bus would leave 16:15, I really didn’t want to wait that long. One bus driver told me that the bus would stop there, which made feel bit more comfortable…

When the time was 15:15, there was at least three busses taking passengers. I managed to find the right one and I arrived home feeling that I have to get an apartment from Joensuu.


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