Tuesday 22. August, 2006

Apparently I was wrong about rather low memory problem with my NX6310 and HL2. It was said at Intel.com that 945GM chipset has an unidentified problem with Half-Life 2; it crashes and there’s no known fix for it.

Other thing: Since my Nokia 6680 has two cameras, I thought that maybe one could be used as a PC webcam over Bluetooth-connection. I was suprised that this is actually possible. The software wasn’t free, though (Which means I buried this thought with label “expensive fun”).

And another thing: Mobile phone sellers should be aware of what they can and cannot sell with those tied together deals. I had to give my Nokia 6681 back to them, ‘cos they weren’t allowed to sell a normal 2G phone with some fancy 3G phone deal. (And this was the reason I got 6680, which is a 3G phone. This is very stupid, because the area I live in doesn’t even have 3G network available!


One Response to “Disappointments”

  1. Matt Says:

    yo i was running through HL:2 Blogs on google and ur thing popped up so i figured id respond to this because i had the same problem with my intel chipset. However there is a solution or at least a solution that works for me, and i hope it works for you too. when u run steam app go to my games right click on HL: 2 and go to properties, then go to set launch options and enter this cvar, -window +mat_forcehardwaresync 0, what it does is run the game in a windowed mode which can be maximizd to virtually the whole screen while force syncing your graphics hardware to the game thus making it comply rather than be the integrated bull shit that it is. Hope it helps you out bud i letmy email if ya got any questions. this cvar also should get entered in the launch options for any other steam game you play. goodluck.

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