It’s been a while!

Sunday 30. July, 2006

Things that happend in my life and surroundings since the last post few weeks back:

  • I got my marticulation examination passed, so now I’m an abitur. I got Laudatur in Finnish and Eximia cum Laude in mathematics.
  • I was accepted to study physics in the University of Joensuu
  • I bought a notebook computer with my “graduation-cash-reserves”, HP NX6310 – Intel Core Duo 1.66 GHz

The notebook is incredible, it even *seems* to be a bit faster than my “uniprocessor” desktop computer with Athlon XP 2400+. On the other hand the notebook-puter has a crappy Mobile Intel 945GM Express thing with integrated graphics adaptor, which makes it impossible to play any modern games with decent graphics. It even has crappy drivers as Half-Life 2 crashes every time I hit the quick save button. Maybe it needs some more RAM (currently 512 MB shared with graphics adaptor). Overall smiley: 🙂

With Linux the crappy graphics adaptor doesn’t matter as I do very different things with Linux. Browsing the web and compiling source code don’t need 3D graphics at all.