Fun with Prospekt Linux

Friday 28. April, 2006

What is Prospekt Linux? It’s my RPM-based build of Linux From Scratch and it’s not available for public. Anyway… I knew all the time that using newer versions of toolchain packages may cause problems later but still I just had to try. 🙂
Everything seemed to be functioning properly until I compiled Aspell. Building failed due to libstdc Undefined _unwind_Resume and so on…
The Conclusion:
It’s total waste of time to edit jhalfs’ scripts to build newer versions since they won’t work. But Fedora does use glibc-2.4 and gcc-4.1 and so on? Well, they have time and skills to debug and patch, I dont.
It seems that I either continue using ArchLinux or build by the book with no changes.


One Response to “Fun with Prospekt Linux”

  1. spera Says:

    you`re compelling.

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