Railway Station 12, do you read me?

Monday 10. April, 2006

I thought that it would be great time to play Half-Life 2 through again after a pause of a few months. Well, I was wrong. The game crashed down in chapter Route Kanal. I just arrived to station which was being raided by Metropolices, when I walked to the radio and heard the dialogue:
“Station 12, come in. Station 12 – do you read?”
“Station 8, do you copy? Station 8, are you there? We have confirmed reports of manhacks. Repeat: they’re filling the underground with manhacks.”
“This is Station 8! We heard 12 go down and out. Surgical strike units are targeting railway stations. Repeat, Civil Protection is coming down on underground stations. We’re already getting refugees from 9 and outlying! Looks like we’re-”

The game crashed during the dialogue. This really pisses me off. Now the game doesn’t work either in Windows or Wine (it also looks bad in Wine).


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