Saturday 29. April, 2006

Now I can't even write. I have been wondering the whole day about what would I do next. There's nothing to do… All thoughts uncategorized, a mess. My head is not clear at all.
When school is over, you get a lot of free time to do all kinds of stuff you have interest in. There's nothing to do anymore, I can't think anything interesting to do with my computer. Of course I could do something else but what? Since I'm not a sporty guy, I don't enjoy (very much) being outside the house, which excludes all possible outdoor activities. Just sitting at my computer is my thing, but what to do when it gets boring? Perhaps I  should read a book, watch a movie, go even further and go out?


Fun with Prospekt Linux

Friday 28. April, 2006

What is Prospekt Linux? It’s my RPM-based build of Linux From Scratch and it’s not available for public. Anyway… I knew all the time that using newer versions of toolchain packages may cause problems later but still I just had to try. 🙂
Everything seemed to be functioning properly until I compiled Aspell. Building failed due to libstdc Undefined _unwind_Resume and so on…
The Conclusion:
It’s total waste of time to edit jhalfs’ scripts to build newer versions since they won’t work. But Fedora does use glibc-2.4 and gcc-4.1 and so on? Well, they have time and skills to debug and patch, I dont.
It seems that I either continue using ArchLinux or build by the book with no changes.

Happy birthday to me!

Friday 14. April, 2006

April 13, 1987 a healthy boy were born about a year after the Chernobyl incident (a must-have connection to history). What this has to do with anything, I don't know. It's been nineteen glorious years now and "still alive and kicking". My birthday party, on the other hand, were quite lame. No one, including me, seemed to be in any kind of party-mood (consequense: cash flow was low). So, what did I do then? I started Finnish translation process of KDevelop's website. It may be that I don't give it to them due to lack of translation skills, but we'll see what's going to happen…

Railway Station 12 down and out

Tuesday 11. April, 2006

Well, after a while I got bored on the bug described in my earlier blog entry and decided to jump over that chapter. Well, I jumped over Water Hazard, Black Mesa East, We don't go to Ravenholm…, Highway 17, Sandtraps and Nova Prospekt too, straight to Entanglement. As a down side I can't help the feeling of cheating…

Railway Station 12, do you read me?

Monday 10. April, 2006

I thought that it would be great time to play Half-Life 2 through again after a pause of a few months. Well, I was wrong. The game crashed down in chapter Route Kanal. I just arrived to station which was being raided by Metropolices, when I walked to the radio and heard the dialogue:
“Station 12, come in. Station 12 – do you read?”
“Station 8, do you copy? Station 8, are you there? We have confirmed reports of manhacks. Repeat: they’re filling the underground with manhacks.”
“This is Station 8! We heard 12 go down and out. Surgical strike units are targeting railway stations. Repeat, Civil Protection is coming down on underground stations. We’re already getting refugees from 9 and outlying! Looks like we’re-”

The game crashed during the dialogue. This really pisses me off. Now the game doesn’t work either in Windows or Wine (it also looks bad in Wine).

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